Klik Photo CY is a family owned business in Cyprus, run by husband and wife team Aaron and Emma. 


The company was launched in 2014 and we constantly strive to make sure that we offer only the best service and quality ensuring that you and your guests receive the best photo booth experience ever.

We now also offer a range of additional products to help make your wedding day even more memorable.


So remember when party time rolls around why not let us help you 'Party like you mean it!'  

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Terms and Conditions



You must provide us with the full address of the venue and ensure reasonable access and suitable parking for loading and unloading of equipment, plus parking space during the event. 

We need a minimum space of 3m x 3m x 3m (Party Booth and Wedding Booth) 4m x 4m x 3m (Studio Booth) for a  full set up. We also require electricity within 5 metres of the booth. 

You must ensure the venue agrees to have the photo booth in attendance and set up at the agreed time.

It is also the customers responsibility to advise us of any circumstances which may affect set up, such as distance from unloading to set up, high floors, access to lifts etc., failure to do so may result in set up being used as part of the hire period. 

We are happy to liaise with the venue on your behalf if requested. 

Children in the booth

Children 1.4m tall must be accompanied by an adult, unaccompanied children may be turned away. Due to restrictions of our public liability insurance children who are too small to be seen by the camera are not allowed to stand on anything (eg a stool or a chair) within the booth and will need to be lifted into frame by a responsible adult.   

Hire Period.

We will come to set up the photo booth approximately 2 hours before the start of your event. If you require an earlier set up an idle time charge will apply (see price list for details). 

We agree to have the photo booth operational for a minimum of 80% of the hire period, operations may need to be interrupted for servicing of the booth. 

In the case of the event not starting on time due to delays from the venue or the event running late, the hire time will still end at the time agreed when booking. Extra hours may be negotiable at the time but will incur a further charge. 


Events Beyond Our Control.

We will make every reasonable effort in our control to attend your event but cannot be held responsible for circumstances which may prevent this. In events such as (but not limited to) adverse weather, traffic delays, sickness or equipment failure we will contact you or the venue as soon as possible. 

If we are unable to attend, or cannot fulfill the entire hire period we will issue a pro-rata refund. 


Use Of Photos.

Customer agrees that all photos taken in the photo booth can be uploaded to our website and facebook pages, and may be used by ourselves in advertising and promotional material.  

We will not upload any photos we feel are unsuitable. 

We will remove any picture from our website if requested to do so. 


Termination Of Hire.

Klik Photo CY will not tolerate any abuse or threatening behavior to our staff or abuse of our equipment. If this occurs we reserve the right to terminate the hire immediately. Where possible we will always speak to you or the venue before termination occurs to try to resolve the issue. 

If we do terminate for any reason the full cost of hire remains payable and no refunds will be issued. 

The customer will be liable for any damage caused by you and your guests to the photo booth or equipment. 


Date Changes And Cancellations.

Any request for date changes must be made in writing at least 30 days in advance of the original event date. Change is subject to availability.


Deposits And Balance Payments.

We require a €149 deposit as confirmation of booking and to secure the date of hire.

Deposits can be paid either in cash or cheque if you are based in Cyprus or via Pay-Pal, Revolut or via bank transfer for our international customers.

All deposits are non refundable.

Outstanding balance payments can either be paid at any time prior to the event in cash or via Pay-Pal, or on the night of the event in cash prior to the start of the hire period.

Additional active hours can be added on the night but will incur an additional charge (see price list for details). 

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